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(Diversity - Professional Accountants and Advisors Transforming the Horizon)

As part of CBM’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and of supporting the professional development of minorities and female professionals, the firm hosts D-PATH (“Diversity – Professional Accountants and Advisors Transforming the Horizon”).

Four professionals from CBM meet regularly to develop programming opportunities that provide a clear path forward to advance the status of women and minorities in the firm and throughout the profession. CBM is confident that the future leadership of the firm will continue to reflect the same diversity that exists in CBM today.

As CBM continues to be recognized as a firm committed to and supportive of diversity, we believe we also become an attractive choice for clients and job candidates seeking a firm that accepts, understands and advocates for a breadth of perspectives throughout the business world.

D-PATH programming in 2019 will include the following events and activities:

  • Senior Financial Advisor Wendy Moyers will lead a presentation on financial planning for female professionals in late March
  • CBM is sponsoring the Greater Washington Society of CPAs’ 2019 Women’s Leadership Conference on May 3, an event dedicated to advancing the standing and empowering women throughout the profession; six female team members from CBM will participate including all members of D-PATH
  • D-PATH is also seeking to lead a panel session at a future GWSCPA women’s leadership section meeting to discuss diversity and inclusion in the accounting profession
  • During its all-staff training later this year, D-PATH will organize a panel session on diversity and inclusion (panel members will be composed of female and minority professionals)
  • D-PATH is seeking professional speakers for firm presentations to address issues faced by women, including a session about the journey of some female and minority team members through the green card process to US citizenship

For more information about CBM’s commitment to diversity and the breakdown of our team members by gender and minority status, visit the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion web page.