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CBM100 Places


With so much of our team being international, and with women representing 50% of CBM’s leadership, we want the world to know. For each team member contributing a CBM logo photo from a different country, city, or national park, they will receive $100. Photos from 100 places in 100 weeks.

Scroll below to see all the exciting places our team members have carried the CBM brand!

CBM Board Chair Pat Drolet takes CBM out on the water. Paddle boarding in Cape Cod!

Mark Thomas soaking up the sun in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Senior Manager Jordan Egert traversing Maryland’s Cunningham Falls.

Talent Acquisition Manager Tana Papinova hiking up the Balkan mountains of Bulgaria.

Senior Accounting Specialist Anne Hayes taking in the view of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Shiwen Gao, Ginger Wu, Grace Song and Derya Gazioglu exploring the great outdoors of Lake Frank, Maryland.

Director of Marketing & Business Development Joe Kovacs swashbuckling on his pirate ship in Jamestown, Virginia.

Firm Administrator Linda Murphy survives the frigid temperatures of the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort northwest of Montreal, Canada.

Financial Planning and Litigation Support Paralegal Abbie Niehoff tries to stay away from the sharper needles of a saguaro cactus in Scottsdale, Arizona.

CBM President Pete Reilly and friends represent CBM in the tropical Bahamas.

CBM Assistant Controller Lisa Sippel wears a CBM hat while enjoying the clear blue waters of Jamaica.

CBM staff participates in a special yoga and nutrition gathering with members of the Greater Washington Society of CPAs and PNC Bank while wearing CBM gear.

CBM Principal Jane Ochsman Rowny takes her CBM pride to the slopes of Colorado.

Executive Vice President Debbie May and Senior Vice President Jeff May expand CBM’s horizons at Joshua Tree National Park.

Client Accounting Services Director Dominick Bellia encounters a waterfall during his vacation excursion in Hawaii.

Crissy Reilly sports her CBM scarf while traveling with Pete in Oregon.

Mikki Obreja, Ginger Wu and Shiwen Gao make it to the Continental Divide with their trusty CBM shirts!

Gail Halpern’s daughter arrives at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem sporting a CBM cap.

Jane Rowny adds CBM branding to California’s beautiful Yosemite National Park.

Senior-in-Charge Shiwen Gao visits her father’s hometown Dandong near the Yalv River in China. #CBMProud

Senior Tax Manager Tom Burton travelling through Munich, Germany.

Senior Accountant Elliot Antokas exploring the rich history of Athens Greece.

CBM President and Managing Partner Pete Reilly has talked his new friend from Kenya, Africa into showing pride for CBM.