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Business Consulting

Business owners need informed guidance to ensure the ongoing success of their enterprise. That’s where Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell (CBM) comes in.

The range of complex decisions, transactions and operational requirements facing your business requires expertise across different areas. CBM’s team offers the consulting expertise you need to navigate some of the biggest challenges facing corporate entities. Collaborating with you, CBM’s consultants combine decades of experience with ongoing learning and a deep commitment to your goals to helping you succeed. We provide consulting solutions in the following areas:

Business value is determined by many factors including assets, earnings capacity, economic and industry position, market potential and competition. When you're preparing to purchase or sell a business, a trusted valuation specialist who can deliver the calculations, methodology and professional judgment is a must. CBM's certified valuation analysts are available to help you determine a sound value for a business for a buy-sell agreement, merger or other important transaction. Click here to learn more about our valuations expertise.

Businesses often consider a merger or acquisition for strategic growth. But different financial and legal considerations must be taken into account for a successful transaction. CBM’s professionals work with buyers and sellers, investigating every element of a potential deal from tax structuring and providing a valuation for businesses involved in the transaction. We also help with earnings reviews, advise on proper cash flow projections and budgeting, help buyers determine the most advantageous entity to create to minimize tax liability and perform agreed-upon procedure engagements. Click here to learn more about our consulting expertise with mergers and acquisitions.

To protect the interest of your business, it is wise to consider drafting a buy-sell agreement. In the event you or a co-owner  can no longer fulfill your duties as the business owner, the buy-sell agreement lays out the options for other owners or other parties to acquire an interest in the business. We can help you develop a buy-sell agreement based on the specific goals and preferences of you and other stakeholders in your business.

Business owners leaving their enterprise face a number of financial decisions but may struggle to think through all considerations due to a long attachment to the business. CBM can provide an objective voice to help you develop clear and reasonable financial goals for your future while assisting in the sale process by delivering a business valuation, understanding your desired outcomes for employees and developing a sound strategy to help minimize your tax liability.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, your team must have the right expertise and be deployed effectively to help you grow. CBM’s people-driven approach to business success means our expertise does not end with financial operations management. In addition to assisting you in this core area, we also help evaluate your people operations, leveraging an understanding of payroll and benefits to maximize the likelihood you have the right people in the right place.

The digital operations of a business can contribute significantly to increased productivity and enhanced efficiency with the right tools and processes in place. CBM's outsourced accounting team consults with businesses on the selection, development and optimization of the right financial management and billing technologies to help your business get on the fast track to long-term success.

Should you run into a disagreement with a co-owner, service provider or other key stakeholder of your business, you can rely on CBM’s support resources. Our team includes forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, litigation support specialiststrained expert witness professionals who support your position in a trial, and trained business dispute resolution professionals.


Beyond our consulting expertise, read more here about the full range of services CBM offers closely held businesses. We are also available to assist with your outsourced accounting needs to deliver high-level expertise without the cost of a full-time employee.

Quick Reference Resources for Businesses

CBM’s quick reference resources are high-level insights published by our forward-thinking tax, accounting and consulting professionals that focus on critical issues and concerns facing businesses. CBM is available to help you implement solutions that minimize risks and maximize new opportunities.

Click here to review CBM’s latest quick reference resources.