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Tax and Financial Planning Presentations for Professional Services Organizations


Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell, P.C. has hosted nearly 20 tax and financial planning seminars for professional service firms and similar institutions throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan region since 2017.

Our tax and financial planning experts are willing to lead a complimentary tax and financial planning seminar at organizations we believe represent a good match for our level of expertise. We stage 60- to 90-minute educational presentations during lunch or in the evening to share in-depth knowledge related to personal tax planning and financial planning. We schedule each event depending on what is most convenient for each group.

Please fill out our online form (click here) if a complimentary presentation would be of interest, and we will be in touch to determine if we feel there is a good match between your business and CBM’s expertise.

Our professional education seminars include sessions about the impact of the new tax legislation on individuals and businesses, and sessions about tax compliance for corporations (including S corporations, LLCs and partnerships). We host a series that addresses the respective needs of young, mid-career and senior-level professionals, and one that specifically addresses the needs of women professionals. Regardless of the background of your team members or wherever they are in their careers, CBM can increase their tax and financial know-how, make recommendations for saving money, and prepare them for a stronger financial future.

In today’s fast-paced professional services environment, it can be challenging for busy professionals to bring themselves up to speed on current tax and financial planning strategies, as well as best practices for long-term financial sustainability. By sharing an opportunity such as a complimentary seminar with your team, you will provide them (and yourself) with an opportunity to learn about different short- and long-term areas of financial concern.

Fill out our form (click here) if this opportunity is of interest.