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Helping you maximize your wealth.

When it comes to taxation, our philosophy is straightforward: the goal of all tax planning is to create after-tax wealth.  But of course, tax planning and compliance are not simple endeavors.  That’s why our clients appreciate the technical expertise, enthusiasm and experience our tax team brings to the table.
Our approach is holistic. We believe that you can’t plan a tax strategy for your business without considering the tax consequences for your family and key employees, and vice versa. We look at the whole economic entity — everything you’re involved in — so that we can help you minimize your tax burden and maximize your wealth across the board.

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Our tax team provides a broad range of services including:

Tax Planning. Our sophisticated, innovative tax planning services ensure that our clients are making smart financial decisions.
 We constantly review new tax legislation, regulations, cases and rulings to pinpoint opportunities for you.
Tax Return Preparation.
 We file tax returns for our clients in 37 different states, and are constantly fine-tuning strategies for each client’s circumstances.
Transaction Planning. 
How will a merger or acquisition, a real estate transaction or capital improvement affect your tax situation? We help clients with “what if” scenarios to inform their decisions.
Entity Formation.
 It’s crucial to set up a new business correctly. We explain the pros and cons of each type of structure to save clients money and hassles down the line.
Wealth Management.
 We work closely with clients to preserve their wealth via proactive retirement, estate, gift and succession planning.
Trust and Estate Accounting.
 From the simplest trusts to the largest estates, we help you track and report specifics to the satisfaction of family and government.

IRS and State Audit Representation. 
Sometimes, clients may be asked to explain or defend their tax positions. Representing clients before tax authorities is a vital part of our business.
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