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Martina Childress

What’s your job title and how long have you worked at CBM?

Martina is the financial editor at the firm and has been with CBM since 2003. She works with everyone at CBM to ensure our clients receive the most accurate production services.

What types of activities/hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?

Celebrating life’s blessings with family and friends, crocheting hats for the homeless, water (especially being in it), books, gardening, hiking and nature (a leftover love from German volksmarches as a child).

What do you think your co-workers would be surprised to learn about you?

I got married in Vegas! And Elvis was NOT at my wedding!

What event in your life was most significant or had the most impact on you?

Martina (L) with her mother (Heidi) & brother (Andreas)

I was born in Germany, to German parents. When my mother was 13, my grandmother woke her one night and told her to put on as many layers of clothes as she could and grab her favorite doll. Together, they crossed the Iron Curtin in the middle of the night. My grandfather had already crossed over to find a safe room for them – they had to lay low and acclimate themselves into the new town without drawing attention to themselves as defectors.

That same night, my grandmother went back into East Germany to grab the feather beds and she was caught by the foot patrol soldiers. She was held and questioned for three days (while my mother and grandfather assumed the worst). My grandmother was so brave. She never wavered from her story that she was out looking for her lost dog and they finally let her go. When life gets tough, I think about how courageous my grandparents and my mother were and find comfort in knowing that I have their spirit in me.

If you could retire now and money wasn’t a concern, what would you do with your free time?

Volunteer and travel the world.

What is your favorite motto/quote and why/what significance does it have to you?

Robin Williams’ block in front of Grauman’s (Mann’s Chinese Theater)

Carpe Diem! Seize the Day! Every day is a gift! In 2000, I was working at a think tank in DC and we were in LA for the presidential convention. I knew in my downtime I wanted to do cheesy things like tour the stars’ homes and go to Grauman’s to see the hand and footprints. Robin Williams’ moved me, not only because I loved his body of work but because I am always looking for inspiration. I snapped the picture above and always have it in my office for motivation.

What one word would you use to describe yourself and why?

Purely out of curiosity, I asked my husband Charlie and he said caring. When someone you love knows this about you, “that’s as good as it gets!”

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