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Wealth Management

It takes a great deal of trust to rely on the guidance of an experienced professional to help manage your wealth. We excel exactly on this kind of partnership.

The dedicated team at MBI, LLC, CBM’s wealth management subsidiary, takes a holistic approach to wealth management to ensure our clients achieve the kind of lifestyle and the peace of mind they seek. MBI’s unique approach integrates tax, financial and investment planning. We begin by listening closely to understand your goals and integrate those aspirations into a comprehensive plan designed specifically to take you from where you are now to where you want to go in life. MBI’s team serves a diverse group of clients including:

  • Attorneys
  • Auto dealer executives
  • Divorcees, widows and widowers
  • Doctors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family members planning for future generations
  • Government employees
  • Retirees

We offer a wide range of services encompassing investment management, retirement planning, charitable giving, education planning, estate and tax planning among others. We are passionate about working with you to help create the future you deserve. Click here to visit MBI’s website.


Quarterly Market Commentary

Each quarter, MBI distributes its quarterly commentary and market analysis on a complimentary basis. Below are MBI’s most recent commentaries. Click each to read more.

"I went to CBM for a post-retirement assessment of my financial status, investment advice, and guidance on drawing on savings. Every aspect of the process worked well for me, starting with the meetings we had to discuss my situation and answer questions. The printed analyses and projections I received were clear, informative, and helpful. My advisor, Alex Seleznev, answered follow-up questions quickly and completely. I enjoyed working with the folks at CBM and I received exactly the guidance I needed to go forward. It’s a real help in giving me the confidence that I will be able to afford retirement and do the things I’d like to do in those years. Couldn’t really have asked for a better experience. "

CBM Client