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CBM provides several resources to support the success of both individual and institutional clients. Read more below.


CBM regularly hosts professional education events for clients, friends of the firm and other industry colleagues. Check out our list of upcoming (and past) events to find out how you can benefit from our professionals’ expertise. Don’t see a financial management or consulting topic that would be of interest to you? Please reach out and let us know and we’ll see if we can schedule it.

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Speakers and Trainers

CBM’s accountants and advisors are not only client service providers; we also stay current with industry knowledge about new tax laws and industry regulations and are often called upon by associations and other groups who recognize our expertise. Very often we also present to in-house audiences. Please review our list of speakers and the presentations they have given in the past.

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Industry Insight Newsletters

CBM provides a series of monthly electronic newsletters containing in-depth insights about the industries we serve. Whether you are a construction/real estate entity, a not-for-profit organization, the managing partner at a law firm, or simply an individual seeking up-to-date information on new tax laws and regulations, we have you covered. click below to check out our current offerings.

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Certified Nonprofit Accounting Training

The Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP) program is a 2-day training and exam-based certification course for bookkeepers, staff accountants and other professionals who manage nonprofit finances. The training, led by one of CBM’s not-for-profit managers delivers an education on budgeting, fund accounting, effective fiscal systems, internal control issues, IRS disclosures requirements and more.

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Financial Calculators

Should I refinance my mortgage? How much do I need to save for my child’s college education? As accounting professionals, these are some of the questions that are posed to us on a daily basis. We are providing these interactive financial calculators and other tools to assist you with some of the day-to-day questions and concerns that may arise. While these financial tools are not a substitute for financial advice from a qualified professional, they can be used as a starting point in the decision making process.

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Online Tax Guide

CBM offers clients, friends of the firm and industry stakeholders, access to a regularly updated online tax guide with advice and insights that will help you better understand your tax situation. Click here to access this free resource.

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Tax Calendar

Have trouble remembering all the important tax deadlines? Let CBM help. Access this calendar for regular reminders of upcoming deadlines for which you may be responsible. If you have multiple deadlines and require assistance planning in advance, give our tax professionals a call.

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Accounting Acronyms and Terms

In order to better understand the “alphabet soup” of abbreviations related to accounting, financial literacy, and various agencies, this list is being provided.

This glossary of commonly used accounting terms may help you make sense of accounting and tax requirements that impact you or your business.

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