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Keeping you informed.

Keeping Up to Date On Your Industry

It’s CBM’s job to keep you informed — to advance your knowledge, improve your business and set you up for success. To that end, our firm offers several complimentary newsletters including those listed below. Subscribing to one or more newsletters also means you will be rescheduled to receive promotions about CBM’s upcoming webinars.

We look forward to staying in touch!

The Contractor

The Contractor is CBM’s monthly newsletter dedicated to sharing business, operations and management insights for the construction and real estate industries.

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Dealer Focus

Dealer Focus is CBM’s monthly newsletter focused on delivering accounting, tax and operational insights to the dealership industry.

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Legal Matters

CBM is an accounting, tax and advisory firm that serves law firms and attorneys in the Washington, DC metropolitan region and around the Mid-Atlantic.

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Money Matters

Money Matters is CBM’s monthly newsletter that delivers personal finance insights, incorporating articles about education and retirement planning, 401(k) plans and IRAs.

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Profitable Solutions for Not-for-Profits

Profitable Solutions for Not-for-Profits is CBM’s monthly newsletter dedicated to sharing finance and operational insights, resources and news of interest to the not-for-profit sector.

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Tax Solutions

Designed for individual and business clients, Tax Solutions provides timely, comprehensive information to respond to all your tax concerns. These articles offer year-round value; even when critical deadlines are approaching, you should always consider forward-thinking tax strategies to minimize your liability.

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