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Agreed-upon Procedures

Some transactions don’t require an audit but may benefit from the involvement and review of a certified public accountant.

Whenever an individual or organization requires a review of a particular series of items, they may ask CBM’s expert accountants to analyze the requested information and report upon their findings.

Examples include:

  • Performance of a collateral audit for a bank
  • Delivery of reports for a municipality or a government agency
  • Preparation of internal reports for a board member or other organizational stakeholders
  • Conducting a review of a particular set of items that does not require a full audit
  • Analysis of procedures that have been agreed upon through a combined federal campaign
  • Compliance review of an institution’s internal controls

If you or your organization seeks a better understanding of the adequacy of controls or procedures that won’t require the time, depth of expense of a full audit, you may be benefit from an agreed-upon procedures engagement.

Please consider reaching out to one of CBM’s professionals if we can assist.