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Project Clear Path

We believe each employee contributes directly to CBM’s growth and success, and we invest in our staff’s personal growth so that it remains challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding.

That’s why CBM created Project Clear Path, a professional development initiative designed to help employees reach their full potential by providing a clear path to meeting personal and firm-wide goals.

Project Clear Path pairs experienced senior staff with junior-level employees.  Together, they set meaningful goals and timelines for achieving them, which are aligned with CPE/training schedules, annual employee evaluations, and work assignments to ensure consistency throughout the firm. Project Clear Path is also an important resource to help advance the professional development of female and minority professionals through the firm’s diversity and inclusion project, CBM D-PATH.

Additionally, CBM has invested in a professional development tool, Prolaera, through which all CBM professionals develop a trajectory for their careers based on ongoing learning and knowledge, based on their particular learning needs.

Joining CBM can provide you with unique growth opportunities not available from other firms that lack formal mentoring programs.

“I’m very pleased with CBM’s Project Clear Path mentorship. I was lucky to be paired with a highly successful mentor that serves as a role model and an advocate, and takes an invested interest in my development and growth with the firm. It’s a great way to provide access to and build a relationship with a member of upper management in a less formal setting.”

Reema Patel, CPA – Audit Supervisor

“Project Clear Path is a CBM program that develops and embodies CBM’s mission for its employees, and I’m proud to be a product of it. Meeting with my mentor, feeling comfortable to have someone to go to for advice, find ways to enhance my skills as an auditor and feel confident to take on more responsibilities, have ultimately been great factors in reaching my goals and my recent promotion to Senior Accountant. It is teamwork in action.”

Maria Luck – Audit Senior-in-Charge

“CBM’s Project Clear Path has been very beneficial in my professional development and my recent promotion to Audit Manager. Regular meetings with my CBM mentor helped to outline responsibilities and goals needed to further my career at the firm. The initiative has been instrumental in reaching my latest promotion at the firm.”

Dan Keefer – CPA, CVA, Senior Audit Manager