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CBM100 Embossed Logo

Clients and Friends:

Welcome to CBM 100! As CBM becomes 100 years old this year, we would like to share with you our plans.

CBM100 Charities

Our employees will volunteer for 100 charities over the next 100 weeks. Whether it’s collecting toys for children, serving food to the needy, or running in races for charity, we are here to serve. Let us know your need, we’ll be happy to help. Click here to read more about the charitable events we have already completed.

With so much of our team being international, and women representing 50% of our leadership, we want the world to know. For each team member contributing a CBM logo photo from a different country, city, or national park, they will receive $100. Photos from 100 places in 100 weeks.

CBM will host a series of corporate events in 2020 and 2021 to honor the firm’s 100th anniversary. Keep an eye out for notifications about all the great things we hope to accomplish as we honor this important milestone in our history.

CBM100 Book

CBM’s publication will be made available at our Fall 2021 Gala. The people, places, and events of the Washington region will be captured in our tribute to all those people who have provided outstanding client service for the past 100 years. Be on the lookout for CBM100.

CBM100 Gala

CBM will host its 100th anniversary Gala in late 2020 to celebrate our accomplishments and our client success since James Councilor founded the firm in 1921.


We will continue sharing details about these celebrations throughout the year. In the meantime, to our clients and friends who have allowed CBM to share in your success – Thank You!

Peter B. Reilly, CPA, CVA