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Diversity & Inclusion

CBM is proud of its reputation and history of
inclusion among our team members.

Our team members represent several countries from around the world and reflect inclusion in many other respects. Sixty percent of CBM’s staff is female, 22% are minorities. Also, forty five percent of the partner group are female.

We believe our differences create a professional environment in which a variety of perspectives, ideas, lifestyles and cultures contribute to the betterment of our firm. CBM values, respects and supports each team member, regardless of his/her ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, education or religion.

Joining CBM means joining a team proud of its openness and willingness to welcome individuals from all walks of life.

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Upcoming Events

February 13

Grow Your Net Worth: Top 10 Strategies and Missed Opportunities for Younger Professionals

Building long-term financial security is a marathon, not a sprint. Many younger professionals, however, may start the race without the best understanding of strategies they can implement and decisions they can make… Read more ›

February 21

Nonprofit Financial Reporting Standards Update

Senior Vice President and Chair of CBM’s Nonprofit Practice, Dan Weaver, will deliver an update on nonprofit financial reporting standards the morning of Thursday, February 21. The presentation will be held at… Read more ›

March 14

Grow Your Net Worth: Top Strategies and Planning Opportunities for Mid-Career Professionals

By now, you have established your career and have made financial management decisions that affect you now and will for years to come. It’s never a bad time, of course, to re-evaluate… Read more ›

Career Spotlight

"I enjoy working with not-for-profits. With DC being such a hot spot for these organizations, it's good to be able to work with a firm that actually tries to better a community or a specific field."

Mike Uong
CBM Audit Manager

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