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Litigation Support and Forensic Services

Contract disputes have the potential to escalate disagreements to the point where the advice of a financial expert is needed by the courts to deliver an objective overview of the financial elements of the situation.

Accusations or evidence of fraud likewise point to a need for oversight that can be provided by someone with the right knowledge and training.

In situations where a client or the court system requires a financial professional to make sense of a contentious process, such as the dissolution of a marriage or a business disagreement, where evidence is lacking or emotions run high, CBM’s dedicated team can help evaluate options including the delivery of such services of examining forensic evidence or appearing as an expert witness during a trial.

We have the ability to discover undisclosed assets, contracts and other documents, an conduct business valuations pertinent to a case at hand. For personal clients, we represent you and make recommendations about your financial situation to protect your assets during a contentious personal or business separation. We understand the significance of alimony and child support payments, and will work to determine how a final settlement can impact your and your family’s financial future.

We also offer longer-team financial planning services to ensure you have a team in your corner who can help you reach your short- and long-term financial goals.

Finally, if you need forensic accounting expertise to ensure a final, court-determined judgment fairly takes into consideration all assets possessed by your spouse, our team can assist.

Our divorce litigation and contract dispute professionals belong to such industry groups as the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, the Montgomery County Bar Association, the Financial Planning Association and the CFA Institute, and are active on boards of directors for such groups as the Montgomery County Divorce Roundtable.

The end of a marriage or business relationship can be an emotionally draining time especially when the courts need to get involved. CBM can assist with the financial side of the experience and advocate for an arrangement that secures your best financial future possible.