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Divorce Financial Services

We help divorcing couples and their attorneys arrive at the best financial outcome following this emotionally challenging process.

Over the past several decades, professionals at CBM have developed a reputation of delivering the financial planning, litigation advisory, and forensic accounting expertise necessary to overcome a divorce.

Our professionals are also actively involved in the industry and have developed partnerships with family law attorneys, mental health professionals, and other professionals likely to be involved in the divorce process. In addition to the financial and accounting expertise we provide, we can also recommend other team members you may want to consider since we have worked with many of them over the years.

CBM’s divorce support professionals offer the following services:

Law Office of Regina DeMeo

I’ve been fortunate to work with both Debbie May and Jane Ochsman Rowny for over a decade in my divorce cases. They have been instrumental in settlement discussion and helping my clients prepare budgets & other financial docs needed either in court or mediation. They are always professional, detail-oriented and able to explain complex issues to everyone’s satisfaction. – Regina DeMeo, Law Office of Regina DeMeo