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Accounting Advisory Services

Peace of mind with expert-level support and scalable business solutions.

Shifting the responsibility for internal accounting means staying focused on your organization’s mission and growth. Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell’s (CBM) accounting advisory services group provides you with choices for customized services to give you control over your priorities and costs. Our dynamic and tech savvy approach results in streamlined processes, saving you time and money.

It can be challenging to oversee accounting staff and stay current with accounting management.

Let our team do the work for you.

Managed Accounting Services

  • Financial Statements
  • Monthly Close
  • Accounts Payable and Bill Pay
  • Accounts Receivable and Invoicing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Cash Flow and Planning
  • Annual Tax and Audit Support
  • CFO and Controller-level Services

Consulting Services

  • Accounting Systems Optimization
  • Software Selection
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Internal Control Policies and Procedures
  • Strategic Planning and Analysis
  • Management Consulting
  • Human Resources

Delivering a People-Driven Approach to Business Success

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, your team must have the right expertise and be deployed effectively to help you grow. CBM’s people-driven approach to business success means our expertise does not end with financial operations management. In addition to assisting you in this core area, we also help evaluate your people operations, leveraging an understanding of payroll and benefits to maximize the likelihood you have the right people in the right place. The outcomes for you are increased confidence in your team’s alignment to your strategic goals and an ability to leverage available talents to drive long-term business success.

What Clients Have to Say About Our Accounting Advisory Expertise

From a prior experience working with Dominick Bellia and Amanda McWilliams, I immediately contacted them as soon as I arrived as executive director of ATLIS. I haven’t regretted that decision once. At the time, ATLIS was shifting from a largely volunteer-driven organization to what it is today, an organization with nearly $1 million in revenue. CBM helped make the shift a successful one. I explained to Dominick that I wanted to bring on CBM for the long-term so the organization and CBM’s involvement with us could grow together—and that’s exactly what has happened. I rely on Dominick and his team on a daily basis. Their expertise is always available, and it saves me from the challenges of investing too much time trying to understand the financial nuances of the organization.

Financial reporting is always evolving but am confident in the reporting that Dominick and Amanda deliver to the board based on the trust I’ve developed in them. – Christina Lewellen, MBA, CAE, Executive Director, Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools

“The Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with less than five full-time employees. Our growth relies heavily on our ability to align sound business practices with a clearheaded vision.  Our initial objective was to identify a business partner that offered more than just an accounting service. We needed a partner that could help us achieve operational efficiency and better transparency, . CBM has brought tremendous value in helping us establish the clarity and the confidence we need to develop a sustainable business model. Dominick Bellia and Janice Wofford have been tremendous partners in the process.” – Rod Graves, Executive Director, Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation

“Dominick, Jessie and the whole CBM team have been great! They’re extremely helpful, super responsive and always on top of our Association’s needs.” – Anina Adelfino, Operations Manager at the Association of Clinical Research Organizations

“Our Board has been very pleased with the professionalism and responsiveness CBM has brought to our accounting needs.” – Anonymous


The Franciscan Monastery has worked with Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell for nearly five years now, during which Dominick Bellia and his team have successfully moved us from a paper operation to a fully digital system. Through the use of digital accounts payable programs, such as Bill.com, and other connected software, CBM streamlined our processes, reduced duplication of efforts, all while providing more effective internal controls and greater transparency. Most importantly, the CBM team has been a great group of professionals to work with. They made the transition seamless and have been available to support us every step of the way. I highly recommend them.  – Chris Dwyer, Director of Business and Operations, Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America


“I have been really thrilled with CBM and I am grateful to work with Dominick.  He is very knowledgeable about every issue I bring to him, and I am confident that his advice has saved my company tens of thousands of dollars.  In addition, he went above and beyond to connect us to a lender for PPP #2 when I could not get a loan through my regular bank, which also worked out great.” – Aaron Seyedian, Founder of Well-Paid Maids

“I’ve been very fortunate to have Dominick Bellia as my account manager, who is kind, and exceedingly patient with regard to helping me learn the system. His knowledge about so many of the nuances of the system, and business in general is astounding. I call him so often that I fear CBM will fire ME! In addition to the fact that the system has simplified my internal accounting, the information necessary for tax preparation is readily available, at a moment’s notice, with no effort on my part.” – Wendi Picker-Dennard, Independent Meeting Planner at Accommodations Unlimited

CBM’s accounting advisory services are perfectly matched for:

Contact a CBM accounting professional to explore how we can assist with addressing your organization’s particular challenges and goals, and accelerate your organization’s growth potential.