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Tax-Free Shopping in Virginia and Maryland

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DC metropolitan-area shoppers looking for a deal should consider taking advantage of tax-free shopping in Virginia and Maryland starting tomorrow. Below are details for those anticipating purchases in such areas as back-to-school shopping and preparation for the fall season.

Virginia (Tax-Free Weekend, August 6-8)

  • School supplies under $20 can be purchased tax-free
  • Apparel/footwear under $100 can be purchased tax-free

Additionally, Virginia has made several hurricane and emergency preparedness product purchases available tax-free including:

  • Portable generators less than $1,000 per item
  • Gas-powered chainsaws less than $350 per item
  • Chainsaw accessories less than $60 per item
  • Select other hurricane preparedness items under $60 per item

Finally, some EnergyStarTM and WaterSenseTM products intended for non-commercial home or personal use of less than $2,500 per item may be purchased without sales tax.

Maryland (Tax-Free Week, August 8-14)

  • Qualifying clothing or footwear priced under $100 is exempt from sales tax. Click here for qualifying items.
  • The first $40 of any backpack purchase is also free

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions about Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week.

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