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Case Study: CARES Act Turns Net Loss Into a Positive

CARES Act gave benefits to companies and individuals alike even with unforeseen benefits.

At a Glance:

An event management company facing significant net operating loss, turned to CBM for help. CBM utilized the loss and a provision from the CARES Act to lower previous year taxable income and earn the agency a large refund.


An event management company faced a significant financial setback with a $131,000 net operating loss on their corporate tax return. With the prospect of no future refunds or tax deductions, the company reached out to CBM to determine how to recoup their losses and maximize financial resources.


Following a meticulous examination of the agency’s past tax filings, CBM recognized that under the 2020 CARES Act, companies could carry back net operating losses for up to five years. This enabled them to claim refunds for previously paid taxes. Prior to the CARES Act, Net Operating Losses could only be carried forward. The company was able to carry the $131,000 loss back five years to offset taxable income from previous years. The result was a reduced taxable income for the five years preceding the tax filing and an opportunity to request a refund based on the revised income during those years.


By revising the company’s tax returns, CBM earned the company a $49,500 refund. These additional funds provided significant financial relief. It became a source of reinvestment and operational adjustments during the COVID-19 pandemic. CBM’s solution provided the company with relief during a time of critical financial need.

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