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Category: Risk Management

March 25, 2022

How to Avoid Being the Victim in the Next Ransomware Attack Headline

  Dealership security goes far beyond securing buildings, vehicles, and cash deposit bags. Today’s crafty criminals have traded in their crowbars for keyboards, so your cybersecurity had better be top-notch when they start looking in your direction. Customer data and financial records may be bright, shiny objects they’re after, but the situation can become more complex when ransomware is involved. What is ransomware? Ransomware is software code deposited on computer networks or a single device with the intent of blocking… Read more ›

October 11, 2019

Protect Yourself from Trademark Torpedoes

© 2019 All Rights Reserved The follow is a guest blog post from Susan Colman, an attorney who concentrates her practice in the trademark and copyright areas, along with software protection and licensing. Read more about Susan following the post. When we were young kids, we were sure that there were monsters under our beds, right? Our moms and dads came into our rooms with flashlights and showed us that the only thing under our beds were, perhaps, dust bunnies… Read more ›

September 20, 2019

When It Comes to Rebounding from Disaster, Planning is Everything

When disaster strikes, it can severely affect your dealership operations. According to an analysis by Cox Automotive, approximately 1 million vehicles were damaged by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. The effect of natural disaster on a business is catastrophic, sometimes resulting in a total loss. But what about other forms of disaster? Power outages, water leaks, fire, server crashes and cyber-attacks are threats as well. Statistics vary, but the consensus is that the survival of your business depends on how… Read more ›