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Logging into CBM Portal Client Axcess

1. Logging Into CBM Portal Client Axcess

To access CBM portal, you must be a new or existing client. For added security, CBM utilizes multi-factor authentication (“MFA”) to confirm your identity. MFA allows users to confirm their identity by entering a code that is sent to them via email, text message, or voice message. Once you enter the code, check the box at the bottom if you would like Portal to trust your computer or other device for up to 90 days. Using a trusted device means you will not have to repeat the Multi-Factor Authorization procedure. In 90 days, you will have to request another authentication code.

Use the email address you specified to CBM as your login. Click on “forgot password” to set up your password, if you don’t have it.

2. Downloading/Uploading files from/to Client Axcess

An email notification is sent to you when files are uploaded to Portal by CBM. If you have access to more than one Portal, click Select a Portal at the top, left-hand portion of the page, and then select or search for a portal by name.

After logging in to Client Axcess, you will see a list of folders used to organize your files. Click on a folder to display its files.

3. Download Files

To download a file, simply click the file name or check the box and click Download, either option will launch your browser’s file download prompt allowing you to open or save the file. You can download one or multiple files at a time.

To download files, it may be necessary to disable your pop up blocker in Google® Chrome®, or other web-browsers.

4. Uploading files to Client Axcess

  1. Click the destination folder (where the file will be located)
  2. Click Upload, browse to and select the file(s) you wish to upload
  3. Click Open

The Upload Queue will launch automatically. Click Upload All to upload the displayed file(s) to Client Axcess. An email notification is sent to CBM contact.

  • You will see an on-screen confirmation that your file(s) were successfully added to Client Axcess. Return to your Documents or simply close your browser window to exit Client Axcess.
  • You can also drag-and-drop files into the destination folder to activate the Upload Queue. Once the Queue is displayed, click Upload All and your files will be added to Client Axcess.


For questions about the client portal, please contact Michelle Vance at 301.986.0600 or via email.


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