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CBM now offers continuing professional education credit (CPE) during its educational webinars through sponsorship by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. Attendees who participate in each hour of a CBM webinar are eligible to receive 1.0 hour of CPE for “demonstrated participation” in the session.

Participants who attend CBM webinars but who do not need CPE credit may disregard this part of the program.


About the CPE Program

1. “Demonstrated participation” means attendees must show they are actively participating in the webinar program. Four polls will be launched during each hour of the webinar. Attendees must respond to at least three polls to be eligible for CPE.

2. Each poll may appear on the webinar meeting screen and/or in the meeting chat box. Attendees are responsible for monitoring both locations for the polls.

3. If they wish to receive CPE credit, attendees will also be responsible for participating in the webinar with a device that will display polls in the Teams environment.

4. The webinar administrator will announce each poll as it is launched.


Following each webinar

After the webinar and once CBM reviews the poll results, the firm will issue a CPE certificate to the email address of each participating individual eligible for CPE within one week. Individuals calling into a CBM webinar on their phone will need to contact a member of the event management team to identify themselves since their identity during the webinar will be the phone number on the screen.



For more information, please contact a member of CBM’s event management team.

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