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How CBM Helped Ensure the Security of a Cloud-Based Application


One company wished to develop a cloud-based application for customers to use on their computers, phones and tablets, thereby creating greater ease for customers to access the company’s services. But due to increased public concern about hacking and data breaches, the company worried that customers would not be willing to provide sensitive, personal information through the app. As a result, the company wanted to reassure customers that significant investments had been made to secure the app as well as the data transmitted through it.

Action Taken

The company reached out to CBM, whose professionals had expertise in delivering System and Organization Control (SOC) audit services, which testified to the security of the company’s app. Guided by a rigorous set of regulations set by the American Institute of CPAs, CBM performed security audit procedures on the app and issued a SOC 2 report. The SOC 2 report opined on the design and effectiveness of the app with regard to security and confidentiality.


After receiving the SOC 2 audit report, the company was pleased to have an industry-recognized acknowledgment of the security and confidentiality features it had added to its new customer service app. It also noted and responded to recommendations raised during the audit by CBM’s team, so that it could further strengthen the app’s security. The company was able to add the SOC 2 audit logo to its app, website and other materials for customers as reassurance that the app was secure and that customer’s private data would be kept secure and confidential. As a result, the company found that more customers began to trust and use the app.