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Exit Planning / Succession Planning

Exit planning and succession planning are two different sets of services related to the turnover of a business from one owner to another. CBM has expertise helping with both kinds of transitions.

Whether our professionals are engaged to help a retiring business owner protect their assets as they transition to the next phase of life with financial goals in place related to their estate, retirement, and education for family members or matters of daily cash flow, or facilitating the valuation of a business for purposes of a sale, our accountants deliver the kind of in-depth service that significant lessens the possibility that some important financial consideration will be forgotten or neglected.

Exit Planning for Business Owners – Financial Planning and Estate Planning to Protect Your Assets

Business owners preparing to leave their business behind face a significant number of financial and emotional factors. CBM can help you set clear and reasonable financial goals for your future, assist in areas of the sale including understanding your desired outcomes for employees, assist in the valuation of the business and an analysis of important tax considerations to help you minimize your liability. We also recognize that you may need the support of other professionals such as an investment advisor or attorney. Our exit planning expertise includes working relationships with other professional service providers. We can deliver the financial expertise you need while also recommending other individuals who can assist in your transition.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is very often a component of an exit planning engagement service delivered to a business owner but has independent elements that make it a valuable service to other stakeholders including the individual or entity purchasing the owner’s business. CBM can assist in developing a plan to manage all aspects of the succession, identifying talent and skill sets that will facilitate a successful transition, identify considerations related to valuations and mergers if that is how the business will succeed to a new owner, operational and workforce continuity considerations, and important tax considerations for the business and the exiting owner.

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