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Conflict Resolution

Professional and personal relationships sometimes leads to uncertainty or conflict over finances. In an ideal situation, parties can resolve their concerns without resorting to outside support. But occasionally, assistance from a third party can be helpful during financial disputes. 

If you find yourself wanting to enlist the expertise of an independent party who can work with you and other involved parties, consider reaching out to Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell’s (CBM) knowledgeable conflict resolution specialists. Unlike in a potentially costly litigated dispute, where the legal system gets involved, a conflict resolution engagement allows us to collaborate with both parties in a cost-effective manner.

Conflict Resolution: Types Of Disputes We Can Assist With

  • Family disputes
  • Business disagreements
  • Divorce (mediation)
  • Divorce (financial neutral)
  • Divorce (collaborative financial neutral)

CBM’s team will research and assess the fundamentals of a dispute through a thorough information-gathering process. Our expertise is grounded in hours of in-depth training in and education about different conflict models, which help us understand common sources of misunderstandings; doing so helps us identify potential solutions we believe will bring a fair, equitable and satisfying resolution for the parties.

At the beginning of working with each client(s), we listen to understand the situation and the financial goals of each individual. Occasionally, CBM’s role is simple and straightforward. We may be asked to review a tax return, a budget or another document for which our financial expertise provides us to make an informed judgment for the parties. In other cases, we need to review other documents relevant to the disagreement including partnership agreements or, in the case of a divorce, a pre- or post-nuptial agreement.

Additional Areas of Expertise

CBM’s conflict resolution team can refer you to colleagues with other areas of expertise. They can assist as you’re going through the conflict resolution process.

Don’t let a challenging conflict or misunderstanding prevent you from finding the resolution you deserve. Contact us now for help.