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Entity Formation

New business owners have an important choice to make regarding the type of entity they select for their business.

One critical goal will be to ensure the entity type is appropriate to that particular business and that appropriate financial records are maintained after the fact, while also being mindful of the tax impact of your choice on both the business and the owner.

We help business owners select from among the following entities:

  • C corporations
  • S corporations
  • Partnerships
  • LLCs

CBM recognizes that new business owners have a lot on their plate. The value of our services comes from providing knowledgeable insight about each client’s options as well as anticipated outcomes. As experienced accountants in a rapidly changing world and tax environment, we work with clients to identify opportunities to minimize tax liabilities and maximize profits. We also work with clients once their businesses have been formed, recognizing how changes to their structure can benefit the owner and the business itself.

Consider the expertise of CBM and let us become a partner in the establishment of your emerging business.

We look forward to help you succeed.

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