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Tag: financial planning

May 24, 2023

Senior Divorce Financial Analyst Abbie Niehoff Named Treasurer of Collaborative Dispute Resolution Professionals

Abbie Niehoff, senior divorce financial analyst at Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell, has been named treasurer of Collaborative Dispute Resolution Professionals (CDRP), a Washington, DC-area not-for-profit organization founded upon the principles of collaborative law. Niehoff, a years-long member of CDRP, focuses her practice on helping individuals, couples and their attorneys resolve the financial aspects of their divorce. Her experience in divorce financial planning and analysis includes collaborative, mediated, negotiated, and litigated divorce cases. She also helps couples preparing to get married… Read more ›

May 22, 2023

Social Security’s Future: The Problem And the Proposals

Recent reports have raised anew concerns about the impending insolvency of the Social Security program, absent congressional action. Social Security reform has long been considered a “third rail” of American politics and understandably so — the options for heading off insolvency will inevitably cause pain for significant segments of the population. Yet some in Congress have stepped forward with proposals that aim to tackle the problem. The Impending Shortfall Social Security currently provides benefits to more than 66 million recipients. The Congressional… Read more ›

March 20, 2023

Social Security Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

It’s hard to pinpoint the best time to start collecting Social Security. Your decision to start your claim is based on many changing factors. Life expectancy, financial need, income and more could and leave you in a tough financial situation. The two most common mistakes that people make when it comes to social security are claiming too early and continuing to work after starting to collect benefits. Another mistake is choosing to late claim but needing financial assistance earlier. This… Read more ›

March 9, 2023

What is Social Security and When to Apply?

This blog discusses content from CBM’s Maximizing Social Security Benefits and Avoiding Mistakes webinar. To watch the webinar click here. Previous webinars can be found here. Like the content? Get alerts about future webinars here. Anyone who gets a paycheck knows that Social Security exists, by the little tax line. But do you know how it works? An important part of financial planning is knowing where your money is going and what you will get in return. This post discusses… Read more ›

September 20, 2022

(Virtual) Grow Your Net Worth: Starting Your Career on the Right Financial Foot

Building long-term financial security is a marathon, not a sprint. Many younger professionals, however, may start the race without the best understanding of strategies and decisions they can make to win the… Read more ›

June 7, 2022

Thinking About Starting Your Own Law Firm?

Once you get some legal experience under your belt, you may think about opening your own firm. Setting up and running a law practice can be a daunting prospect, but taking certain steps will help to ensure that your firm grows and remains profitable. Here are some guidelines to help accomplish the task successfully: Develop a strategy You really can’t proceed before you target a specific client base or market and decide how you plan to compete. This means knowing… Read more ›