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Healthy Meals for Washington, DC: CBM Team Prepares 150 Sandwiches for Martha’s Table

CBM Contact:Joe Kovacs, APR

A team at Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell (CBM), led by Manager Anne Hayes, gathered in the firm’s Bethesda office the evening of Thursday, March 14 to prepare 120 sandwiches for Martha’s Table, a Washington, DC-based not-for-profit organization. The organization’s mission to improve opportunities to thrive for Washingtonians includes providing access to healthy food in combination with other services. (Anne and her family plan to prepare and contribute approximately 30 more sandwiches before dropping off the food on Friday, March 15).

CBM donated supplies for food preparation at which Anne, President and Managing Partner Dan Weaver, Tax Practice Director Richard Morris, Manager Ginger Wu, Human Resources Director Tana Papinova and Senior Advisor Joe Wilson, joined to make the turkey, ham and cheese sandwiches. Additional food donations were contributed by team members John Comunale and Sue-Jane Haight.

Anne and her family first donated to Martha’s Table in February and expect to continue supporting the organization in the future. She was impressed by the ease to donate, the worthiness of the mission and its openness to the participation of her children.

Thanks to all who participated for being an important part of CBM in the Community!

CBM Prepares Meals for Martha's Table header image
CBM team members Richard Morris, Ginger Wu, Joe Wilson, Tana Papinova and Dan Weaver prepare sandwiches for Martha's Table

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