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CBM at a Glance – Photo Albums

CBM’s photo albums provide a snapshot of all the great social events we participate in.

In addition to finding yourself at a first-rate accounting and advisory firm where you can develop your career and pursue growth opportunities for yourself, CBM also offers an array of fun and recreational experiences to make your time memorable. Click through our photo albums below–updated on a regular basis–to learn all about the many ways we enjoy ourselves throughout the year!

CBM Goes to the Kennedy Center

(4/25/23 Update) The performing arts runs in the blood of several team members while others just enjoy an evening out at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Whether it’s attendance at an opera event or a performance of Dear Evan Hansen or Miss Saigon, our team knows how to appreciate the arts.

Karaoke at CBM

(3/19/2023 Update) CBM team members sing! Whether it’s something we like to do in public, in the privacy of our cars while we’re driving or just this one time each year, colleagues like to choose from an array of classics and newer tunes during a fun afternoon of camaraderie. Thunder Road really gets people going!

CBM Movie Night

(2/23/2023 Update) Lights, camera, action! Grab some popcorn and have yourself for a night filled of  movies with your favorite colleagues.

CBM Bowling

(1/25/23 Update) Whether team members are more likely to throw a gutter or a strike, nothing can stop a spirit of fun from joining us all at the bowling lanes for our annual bowling event each January. Rumor has it CBM used to have an actual bowling team. Most recently, in January 2023, the CBM team spent an evening at Lucky Strike Bowling in Bethesda.

Annual CBM Holiday Party

(12/5/22 Update) CBM has hosted its annual holiday party at the Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase for many years. Sometimes we wear funny hats (or let it rip with over-the-top holiday outfits), there’s an annual gifting from partners to staff. And that doesn’t even cover the delicious lunch and occasional display of musical talents.

CBM Halloween Party

(10/31/22 Update) You might be more than a little surprised to see how many spooky decorations CBM keeps locked up in our storage closet in anticipation of each late October Halloween party. Team members dress up surrounded by an environment of skeletons, cobwebs, spiders, fake blood and other creepy-crawly things. 2022 was especially frightening!!

CBM “Par-Tees” at Top Golf

(10/27/22 Update) CBM took its fun and team-building culture to Top Golf in Gaithersburg, MD for an afternoon of fun and golfing. Whether it was just lounging around talking and laughing with colleagues, or stepping up to the little white ball with your driver and 7-iron, the weather was majestic and the company couldn’t have been any better.

CBM Book Clubs

(9/28/22 Update) Who doesn’t love a good book? Reading is a favorite hobby for many team members and the firm hosts two book clubs focused, separately, on historical fiction and DEI topics. Earlier this week, five team members met for an engaging discussion of The Last Green Valley by Mark Sullivan. We’ll keep everyone up to date with what we’ll be discussing next!

Annual CBM Picnic

(9/19/22 Update) Everyone loves autumn for a different reason…the cooler temperatures, the return of football or the approaching holidays. CBM prefers to think of autumn as a time for the firm’s annual picnic when we can all gather outdoors for an afternoon of relaxed socializing. Check out some new images from our 2022 gathering at Comus Farm in Dickerson, MD.

CBM Pirate Cruise on the Potomac

Yes, it’s true. Accountants can also be pirates. In 2022, CBM held its second pirate cruise in recent years, chartering a boat in Georgetown to take team members out for a gorgeous, two-and-a-half hour tour up and down the Potomac River. We didn’t make anyone walk the plank!

Jersey Day at CBM

Let your favorite sports team colors show. Each spring, CBM staff shows up in jerseys, caps and, sometimes, the unexpected to show their true allegiances. It’s amazing what you can learn about someone you’ve worked with for years when you find out just who their favorite teams or players are.

CBM Run-Hundred

Health and fitness are important for our team. Combine that with a spirit of fun, and you have CBM Run-Hundred (a play off “One Hundred”), when the firm celebrated its 100th anniversary with a 5K charitable event in Alexandria, VA. Kudos to team member Kathleen Booker for organizing.

CBM Cyclones Softball

Every year, CBM hosts a softball league in the summer. Our team plays other accounting firms in the Bethesda region, bringing together a combination of fun, competition and socializing with colleagues. All levels of talent welcome! Fans show up; kids show up. You get the picture!

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