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Diversity and Inclusion

CBM is proud of its reputation and history of inclusion among our team. Our team members represent a number of countries from all around the world (Asia, Latin America, etc.) and reflect inclusion in many other respects.

We also realize our differences are what make each of us unique. We all bring diverse perspectives, experiences, lifestyles and cultures. CBM values, respects and supports each and every team member, regardless of his or her ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education or religion.

When we hire a new team member, we do so based solely on the person’s experience, skills and enthusiasm. Joining CBM means joining a team proud of its openness and willingness to welcome individuals from all walks of life.

“CBM provided me with an opportunity to be part of its team by sponsoring my employment with the firm. As an Ethiopian immigrant, I joined CBM as a staff accountant and the inclusive culture of the firm helped me to grow personally and professionally.”

Abyot – Supervisor

“I got my first job at CBM. Since starting at the firm, they have helped me polish my professional skills, build my self-confidence and expand my knowledge in the tax field.”

Shiwen – Senior Accountant

“I am an accounting student from Taiwan and I worked as an intern, where I first learned about U.S. federal tax regulations, first experienced an internship in the U.S. and tried my very first classic American hamburger.”

Eva – Staff Auditor

“CBM embraced the news of my marriage to my partner of 25 years following the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). “

Pat – Executive Vice President

“CBM is more than a work place for me. The firm provides me with the professional development, opportunities and mentoring. The partners and managers always listen to me and they try their best to help me deal with challenges that I, as an immigrant, face. CBM has staff members from all over the world, from different backgrounds and cultures, but we all feel like we are integral members of the CBM team.”

Grace – Senior-in-Charge