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Alain Pankopf, CPA


Alain Pankopf’s career began at Boston College’s Wallace E. Carroll School of Management when he decided accounting, more than marketing, was a better fit for him. He liked the precision of the accounting profession, and it also didn’t hurt that he had enrolled in one of the top-rated accounting programs in the country. Being a skilled planner, he also decided to take time off right after college to pursue his certified public accountant (CPA) license before joining the professional world—a decision he believed would serve him and his clients in the future.

As a result, Alain’s clients have benefited from his dedication, training and depth of expertise in areas where he provides service. Following a stint at a smaller accounting firm in Rockville, MD which provided broad responsibilities, he knew his desired area of focus was taxation, which eventually brought him to Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell. Upon joining the firm, he also looked forward to the chance to embrace more technologies that would assist with his work.

One of the greatest areas of value experienced by Alain’s clients are the close, meaningful conversations he has with them, which deliver tax planning and strategic decision-making advice to ensure the best possible outcomes for each client’s tax situation. From his years in Boston, Alain adopted a dedication to rigorous tax research and pursuing a strong understanding of the tax code to better understand the implications of the code on each client’s situation.

More recently, as his relationships with tax clients have grown, he has also expanded his expertise to learning more about valuations to help business owners better understand the value of their companies. CBM has entrusted him to support clients in this area.

Finally, Alain is a long-term community servant with demonstrated volunteer service with the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department and training as a firefighter/EMT since he was in high school. He’s currently a Lieutenant with RVFD and a board member. A reputation for helping others is a legacy he continues to develop both in the accounting profession and as a volunteer.

Professional Qualifications and Education

  • Certified Public Accountant, Maryland
  • B.S. Management, Accounting and Finance, Boston College’s Wallace E. Carroll School of Management

Professional Associations and Activities

  • Greater Washington Society of CPAs (Member)
  • Maryland Society of Certified Public Accountants (Member)
  • American Institute of Certified Professional Accountants (Member)

Civic and Business Associations

  • Rockville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.